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Van Gogh's The Starry Night and Salvador Dali's Persistence of Time Essay

Van Gogh's The Starry Night and Salvador Dali's Persistence of Time - Essay Example The essay "Van Gogh's The Starry Night and Salvador Dali's Persistence of Time" compares "The Starry Night" by Van Gogh with "Persistence of Time" by Salvador Dali. Both paintings are now in the Museum of Modern Art or Moma in New York City. Van Gogh considered his now-iconic The Starry Night, which he painted from his barred window at Saint-RÃ ©my, a failed attempt at abstraction. Before leaving Saint-RÃ ©my, he wrote to Émile Bernard: "I have been slaving away on nature the whole year, hardly thinking of impressionism or of this, that and the other. And yet, once again I let myself go reaching for stars that are too big--a new failure--and I have had enough of it. In contrast, Salvador Dali’s painting of Persistence of Time was a product of Dali’s evolution as a multi-faceted artist. When the Persistence of Time was painted, Salvador Dali was dabbling in surrealism. But it is important to mention that while Salvador Dali was a leading figure in surrealism and me taphysical painting, he was also interested in science and religion especially after the Hiroshima bombing in the The Second World War where his interest in atom was heightened. Vincent Van Gogh only began painting during the last 10 years of his career. Unlike Salvador Dali who started his career early and already recognized at age 27, Van Gogh was virtually unknown in the artistic world during this lifetime. Van Gogh can also be said to be inclined with religion being a son of a Minister. Dali is more predisposed to science.

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Persuasive method of Tesco Christmas Advert 2014 - Lights on Essay

Persuasive method of Tesco Christmas Advert 2014 - Lights on - Essay Example The Gen pen has been made better by the use of water resistant ink. Buy 4 get 1 free at this back to school season† The complete pictorial representation is a metaphor reflecting the professionalism associated with the Gen pen. The representation is quite appealing to capture the audience’s attention. Every element of the image captures a particular information. My intention in using a students image is to be able to capture the main writing target audience. Generally, the image aims at winning loyalty in the use of the Gen pen by ensuring the effectiveness and quality of the pen. My choice of a smiling student has several reasons for its use. To start with, a smiling face implies lack of troubles. In other words, it conveys a message of comfort. This assures the TA of the pens effectiveness while writing. The smiling face acts as a point of attracting attention. For the TA to have an interest to read the advert, it must be appealing and calling out to the audience. I opted to use the exact pen positioning of the tip pointing towards the handwritten work while the other end heads downwards. First, the pen’s tip acts as a pointer towards the handwritten work. The handwritten work has its implications as well as seen later. The pointing therefore acts as an enhancement to ensure that the TA has had a view of the handwritten work. Furthermore, the positioning of the pen from downwards to upwards helps to reflect the ascending ladder an academic system. It implies a progressive continuation of this ladder that also helps to create awareness for the need of education. The fast moving white fumes that are exiting at the pen’s tip convey a message of high speed. I opted to use this in order to convey a message of convenience. It is obvious that the speed may be essential when writing. For this reason, I opted to convey a message that the Gen pen is designed to allow high speed in writing. The student flying on the pen is

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Animal Lane Cattery Information Technology System Essay Example for Free

Animal Lane Cattery Information Technology System Essay The Animal Lane Cattery, a privately owned small business, needs an efficient, updateable, expandable, easily accessible information system to track and document clients needs for boarding/grooming services. The objective is to design and develop a system that fulfils the needs of the Cattery. An effective electronic filing system will eliminate lost paperwork, minimize errors, and provide a method for quality customer service. I will be designing and making the system that we choose for the Cattery. As the Cattery has expanded its boarding and grooming services to accommodate a total of 15 cats in separate pens, an increase in customer complaints have been received concerning the Catterys inaccurate and time-consuming tracking of specific client information. This inefficiency means that clients have to give an update of their felines information to the Catterys staff and has resulted in service errors. At the moment, they use a flatbed database, which only allows you to work with one table open at any time. The Cattery has considered using a pen and paper system, writing things out manually and storing information on paper, but a more efficient system would be a relational database. Their ideal system is a relational database, and this will allow them to have macros, reports, queries, and searches based on the information needed. This, therefore, is the system that I will be developing for the Catterys usage. Objectives: The user needs to be able to: -view the information -search for specific information -print out receipts for clients Alternatives: There are many relational database packages I could have chosen to work with, but I have decided to use the database package Microsoft Access because I have great respect for Bill Gates and also, Microsoft Access is an older program, therefore any bugs in the system will hopefully have been fixed and the package improved. I could have used Microsoft Works, but there cannot be any more than one table open at a time, and it is necessary that I have multiple tables. Users: The users of this database will be the Catterys staff- full and part-time employees responsible for the care and grooming of the cats. The Office Staff will be able to view and edit the data, whereas the Grooming Staff will only view the information they need. ANALYSIS The software I decided to use here is Microsoft Access to create and view the database. The hardware needed is a keyboard to enter data, a mouse, a printer to print out the receipts, and the computer monitor. All data will be output using the printer. I will need to ensure that there is enough memory for a relational database to function. This should not be a problem, as Microsoft Access (which I have chosen to use) does not require that much memory space, and there will be plenty of space available on their office computer, which, other than the necessary software components, will be used solely for the database used for the storing of data and the running of the Cattery. Backup copies of data will be stored on tape. The tape needs to be clearly labeled and stored in a water-tight case inside a fire-proof storage box away from the initial source of data, in case of fire or flood that may damage the computer that contains the original data. Using floppy disks as a form of backup was considered, but the database is relatively large and updated on a daily basis, so the floppy disks will not have a capacity large enough to adequately store the data. Data collection: The data will be collected from the clients using a form that they will fill in giving the information needed by the Cattery. The fields required will be on the data capture form given to clients. These will be in the form of questions, such as the ones below: -What is the cats name and owners contact information? -What is the cats vets contact number (in case of emergency)? -What is the cats meal schedule? -What are the boarding drop-off and pick-up dates? -What are the cats grooming requirements? There will doubtless be other questions that the staff will need to know the answers to. To update the data, I will need to remove certain clients information and replace it with new data when the first cats are collected. The printed data will be the reports when a search is started, and a second report to give as a receipt to customers when they collect their pet. DESIGN Two tables will be developed: owner information and services. The link between the two tables is the owner code. Each owner has only one address, but multiple cats may reside at the same address. Each cat has personal service needs even if it shares the same owner as another. The client names and cat names will not be used as key fields because there might be multiple clients with the same names or cat names. Office staff at the Cattery may view and modify the data in both tables, and the grooming staff may view data. Following are the hand-drawn designs of the database. First are the initial rough designs to show the basic layout of the database. I will then give a data capture form (next page) to one of the users (an office staff person) asking what things they think could be done better and how the design of the database could be improved to make using it easier. The users comments will then be taken into account when making the final designs of the database, detailed so that anybody could create the same database that I will be making for the Cattery. Final Users Comments (after having reviewed the initial designs) How effective do you think the designs will be? What do you think could be improved, from what you have seen of the initial designs? What is lacking from the database (if anything)? Other comments: IMPLEMENTATION On the following pages are the print screens of the way the Catterys database was created (tables, forms, queries, reports, macro code etc). EVALUATION The original objectives outlined in my Identification stage were met. The Cattery now has a useful and fast system to find and store their clients information, to view and search for specific information, and to print out things like receipts for clients. After having reviewed the owners comments and compared to the things I have changed, I feel I have improved the database enough for him to be comfortable with using it. I took in to account the things he mentioned about needing designs for reports and queries, and lessening vagueness of some designs. I feel I have achieved my objective in making the Cattery an effective, easy system to hold all their information.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Presidential Election Essay

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Presidential Election America has lost sight of the big picture. The war on terror is not going to be won through military endeavors or through appeals for international cooperation. Sure, those are both essential parts of combating terrorism, and Americans strive to achieve in both categories. However, this is not a war to simply meet indiscriminate aggression against aggression. This is neither a World War nor a Cold War. Only about one-third of the battle against terrorism is fought through military means, and that’s the easy part. The remaining 66 percent – the bulk of the big picture – deals with convincing those hostile to American intentions that flying planes into buildings, strapping bombs to chests and planting mines near roadsides is a waste of time, energy, and valuable lives. What can America do to offer people of the Middle East alternatives to terrorism while simultaneously standing unequivocally opposed to terrorism and its tactics? Whatever policy it chooses to pursue, one thing is certain: the starting point is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is from America’s stance in this situation that all hostilities towards the United States stem. Here’s the thing: Arab nations strongly sympathize with the Palestinian cause. For most of them, it is their number one foreign policy issue, even though it really has nothing to do with the interests of the individual states. Many Arabs feel that it is their duty to do everything in their power to oppose the aggressor, Israel, and its main supporter, the United States. If you combine this with a largely uneducated and population without jobs that’s frequently manipulated by radical clerics, you have a r... ...;>. 2. Bennet, James. Israel Rightists Endorse Pullout from Gaza Strip.† New York Times 19 April 2004: N1+. 3. Foreign Policy: Working for Peace in the Middle East and Security for Israel. John Kerry for President. 20 April 2004 . 4. Friedman, Thomas L. â€Å"Kicking Over the Chessboard.† New York Times 18 April 2004: WK13. 5. Middle East. 20 April 2004. BBC News. 20 April 2004 . 6. Myre, Greg. â€Å"Leader of Hamas Killed by Israel in Missile Attack.† New York Times 18 April 2004: N1+. 7. A National Security Strategy that Meets the Challenges of Our Time. Bush Cheney ’04. 20 April 2004 . 8. Paula Zahn Now (Replay). CNN. 20 April 2004, 2:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m.

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The Myth of Atalanta

â€Å"The Myth of Atalanta† What is the price of love and happiness? Atalanta is a beautiful woman who was nursed by a she-bear during her earliest years. Then she was raised by a couple of hunters, including Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. As a result, Atalanta grew up in the wilderness to be a very skilled hunter. Atalanta was destined to be alone and celibate, until Milanion a young man that hated women fell in love with her. He began the chase even though others had lost their lives doing so. Atalanta was a skilled hunter and runner, so she challenged the best and bravest of the town’s men to compete against her.It was said that she could outrace any man. She even wanted to join the party that searched for the Golden Fleece but was denied the opportunity because of her beauty. Beautiful women were considered a distraction to men. This is to say that where men and women are together there is also great tension growing and the work that needs to be done may not be a ccomplished. This is not necessarily because of anything the woman has done. It is simply because of her presence and the attention that each man thinks he must devote to her in order to protect her from the other men.Atalanta was capable of taking care of herself because she was a skilled wrestler. On one occasion she fought and defeated the town’s hero and no man wants to be known as the one that was beaten down by a woman. After being denied the opportunity to hunt for the Golden Fleece, she took part in another hunt -the hunt for the Calydonian Boar. It is here she met and fell in love with the Prince of Calydonia. And it was during this hunting season the beautiful Atalanta became pregnant. However, before she could have the baby the Prince died.There is no evidence to support this theory but it seem that the Princes was careless and distracted by the woman that he loved. It may have cost him his life and because of this she secretly gave birth to a baby boy and left the baby on the mountain. The loss of her lover caused her to live a life of celibacy but men still found her very attractive. They were willing to give their lives to make her their wife. Suitors had to contend for her love and the task was not easy. The cost of failure was one’s life and many a man had lost his life for her. Still, that did not stop others from trying.Is love really worth dying for? We can look to Jesus for the answer. For, Jesus left his home -a place where, according the bible, every living being bows down in His presence and cries â€Å"Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty,† -in order to come into this sin-filled world (King James Bible, Revelations 4:8) . He came to die for you and me just because He loves us with an everlasting love. Milanion saw her beauty and was mystified by it during their frequent visits and hunts together. He began to notice her and became more and more attracted by her beauty.He drew himself closer to her every chance he got and even to the point of carrying her hunting nets. Milanion once placed himself in the way of an unwanted suitor. That suitor became angry and tried to hurt Atalanta. Milanion was badly hurt so Atalanta killed the villain then nursed Milanion back to health. Meanwhile, Atalanta began falling in love with Milanion. Love, however, would not come cheap for them because Milanion had to face the same challenge as all the other suitors just so that all could see that her love could only be won by her one true lover.As it states in the bible, â€Å"In a race all run but only one wins† (Bible, Romans 9:24). Milanion prayed for help and it was given to him. He came to the race prepared and during the race he followed the instructions given to him by XXXX. Atalanta, however, was just like Eve. She forgot the warnings given to her and succumbed to the lust of the flesh. Also like Eve, she picked the fruit and did not give thanks, and so was cursed to be an animal for the rest of her li fe. Conclusion: Atalanta a beautiful woman nursed by a she bear and raised by hunters was a skilled hunter, wrestler, and runner.She fell in love with the Calydonian prince but lost him while they were both still very young. Having been warned of what marriage would mean for her, she decided to live a life of celibacy. Unfortunately, her beauty attracted many men and she fended them off by challenging them to a foot race that would cost them their lives if they lost. In the end she willingly lost the race to a man that she herself was in love with and was eventually turned into an animal along with her lover. Work Cited Rom 9:24 KJV Bible Rev 4:8 KJV Bible ————————————————-How do you reference a web page that lists no author? ————————————————- How do you referenc e a web page that lists no author? When there is no author for a web page, the title moves to the first position of the reference entry: Example: New child vaccine gets funding boost. (2001). Retrieved March 21, 2001, from http://news. ninemsn. com. au/health/story_13178. asp Cite in text the first few words of the reference list entry (usually the title) and the year. Use double quotation marks around the title or abbreviated title. : (â€Å"New Child Vaccine,† 2001).Note: Use the full title of the web page if it is short for the parenthetical citation. Articles found on the web, like the example above, are not italicized in the reference entry and are not italicized but enclosed in quotations in the in-text citation, just like a newspaper or magazine article. Reports found on the web would be italicized in the reference list, as in Publication Manual (6th ed. ) Examples 31, 32, and 33 on pp. 205–206. They would also be italicized in the in-text citation, just like a book. (adapted from the sixth edition of the APA Publication Manual,  © 2010)

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Australian Consumer Law - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1221 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Law Essay Type Cause and effect essay Tags: Consumer Rights Essay Contract Law Essay Did you like this example? Answer 1 Liability of Mr and Mrs Lee in this case At the time when loan ws taken by their son and Lim, when guarantee was entered parents Mr Lee and Mrs Lee were old, did not understand English well and had received no independent advice. Banks under the provisions of ACL cannot seek to enforce guarantee agains parents, as their liability is limited in view of the above facts and normally family gives the guarantee. Therefore though consented in writing real consent was not given. Under the provisions of Section 21 of Australian Consumer Law unconscionable behaviour is not allowed .It is totally prohibited it is conduct, action , a statement or behaviour that is in defiance of the conscience that is good.The following conduct are the examples of unconscionable conduct: 1)The conditions of contract are not explained properly to the person with learning disability or to persons who do not know English 2) Hardly any time is given to the person enter ing into contract to read the aggrements nor are they allowed to question much and the legal implications in respect of contract are not explained. 3) Getting blank forms signed by the parties to the contract. It can be thus argued by Mr and Mrs Lee that they were made to sign blank forms and no legal implications were explained to them. They hardly knew English and were not Australian Courts have set side guarantee agreements in many case where unconscionable conduct was taken into consideration where one party is at a special disadvantage. In this case the parents are old and do not know English so they can be at special advantage In the case of one of the famous case of Commercial BankmOf Australia v Almadois,the contract was set aside on the grounds of unconscionable conduct on the part of Bank. The Court took into consideration that Bank was aware of the fact that Amadios did not know English and were not even aware of the financial position of their son,h eld that banks conduct was unconscionable.Amadios got the contract of their guarantee set aside. This case is somewhat similar to that of Mr and Mrs Lee.The grounds of unconscionable conduct of bank in seeking enforcement of guarantee. Furthe defence in case of Mr and Mrs Lee is they too were not aware of the financial position of their son . It was under the influence of he being son, had entered into guarantee agreement . They even had linited liability, They were old and the legal implications arising from the guarantee agreement was not known to them .Bank had taken advantage of their not knowing English . They were made to sign on the blank forms and nothing was read or explained to them .They were not even informed about the non payment of instalments by the son or the bank.It is the proceedure of the bank to get the signature on blank forms .Presuming that Bank cannot do wrong by getting signature on blank forms and reposing their trust on bank, Mr and Mrs Lee gave their s ignature on the blank papers.Moreover Mr Lee and Mrs Lee wre not left with timeto seek the legal advice in respect of the guarantee agreement.It is thus presumed on the basis of the precedent of case law of Commercial Bank Of Australia v Amadois 1983 151 CLR 447 that in the grounds of unconscionable conduct by the Bank Mr and Mrs Lee may succeed in getting the guarantee agreement set aside.Australian Laws have applied this doctrine of unconscionable conduct in many cases. Though there are no specific principles for the basis Answer 2 Belinda can sue the ferry company for the loss of her car.Belinda can claim compensation and damages for loss of her car. Belind had not read the terms and conditions printed behind the ticket. She had not even read the similar condition witten on the ferry which she boarded along with her three children. It was written that All passengers and vehicles use this ferry at their own risk It is said that all these types of writings like No Ex change are all legally not binding. Article 12 of Hague Convention states in general rules Liability of shipper.If the goods are lost or damaged due to the negligence of shipper his agents or servants, only than the shipper is liable to pay compensation or damages.But damages or loss of goods is incurred to save the ship, thsn in that case the shipper is not liable.If the gods are lost due to negligence and in attempt to save due to such negligence than the shipper is liable to pay compensation and damages only to the extent of negligence and not due to saving. In this case, Belinda can take action against ferry company for loss of goods as the goods were lost due to tne negligence of the Captain. Due to negligence, ferry collided with an underwater obstruction in which the lives of passengers were safe. They were resued.But the ferry and the goods on it could not be found .They were lost. Belinda has right to recover damages and compensation for the loss of her car The amo unt to be calculated by producing all tge documents for purchae of car and insurance thereof. Though it is written on the back side of ticket, it is not in the contract that vehicles can take ferry at their risk. The things peinted have no legal binding as they are general instructions. Even when the car was put on carrier, it was not informed. Here shipping company is liable as there was negigence on the part of Captain and he did not take due and reasonable care. BelaeV Markworth Shipping Company Ltd(1981)SBHC 10(1980 _1981)SILR 218 23 October 1981 In this case it was held that the receipt of cargo and contract of carriage two different things .Terms and conditions on cargo receipt is not valid as it is not in contract of carriage. Belinda can claim by accusing the shipping company that no where in carriage contract it is written that All passengers and vehicles use this ferry at their own risk. In this case it is the liability of shipping company to pay compensatio n and damages to Belinda as the car was lost due to the negligence on the part of the Captain.But Belinda can take action against shipping company only if she can produce the bill, date of purchase of car and any other related documents of the car along with insurance policy of car. Belinda had used the ferry number of times before.But had never noticed the writings on the ferry . The duty of the Captain is to take due care and diligence and any kind of negligence makes the shipping company liable to pay damages and compensation in loss of goods. It is thus concluded that Belinda can take action against the shipping company to pay the damages and compensation on the condition that she can produce the documentary proof relating to the car as the amount of damages have to be calculated too. All the laws that apply to this case are ACL Law Of Torts Hague Convention and Sea Carriage Goods Act. Key words Unconscionable conduct Loss of goods by sea Hague Convention Australian Consumer Law Guarantee Agreement Contract of carriage Ferry Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Australian Consumer Law" essay for you Create order

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This week’s reading centered on the social contract...

This week’s reading centered on the social contract between God and the Israelites. The reader, who had grown up familiar with the Exodus, found a much deeper meaning and contextual understanding in this week’s reading. Specifically, the reader’s attention focused on two key aspects: 1) God’s control over nature as the contextual focus, and 2) how Exodus, Deuteronomy and Leviticus set forth blue prints blue prints for a society. Moreover, the reader was previously familiar with the more traditional version of the commandments in Deuteronomy, but found the unfamiliar expression in Leviticus an earthier contrast. The reader previously read the story of Moses parting the Red Sea as God using the sea to defeat the Pharaoh’s Army. The†¦show more content†¦This lead the reader question why God did not provide defined rules, or expectations, prior to the commandments? Previous covenants focused on God’s obligations: to not destroy mankind again and to provide Abraham offspring and the land of Canaan, whereas Exodus focused on Israelite responsibilities (p. 114). In the end, the reader found Exodus a â€Å"rite of passage† that displayed God’s trust in the Israelites and a formalized relationship with God. Deuteronomy and Leviticus were interesting in their literary differences and detailed accounts of what good is by detailing the social expectations for society. The reader was more familiar with the â€Å"dryer† Deuteronomy during Catholic school growing up. After reading Leviticus, the reader understands why it was perhaps not more focused on for adolescences because of the more graphic explanations. However, a verse the reader related to from his adulthood was Leviticus 33 which states, â€Å"When an alien resides in the land, you shall not oppress them, but treat them as a citizen.† This reminded the reader of the Afghan Pashtun tradition to treat guests with protection, care and honor called Pashtunwali, which is a tribal code that predates Islam. The reader found parallels when reading the building a society expressed in Exodus, Deuteronomy and Leviticus with Plato’s â€Å"The Republic†. Book I of â€Å"The Republic†Show MoreRelatedIM Awesome918 Words   |  4 PagesI’m Awesome!! Life really sucks when one has nobody to talk to and very little friends. It makes days seem like months and months feel like years. One always is left to feel like only songs and family and truly bring you to your happy place in your darkest hour of need. You want to feel accepted, but many people just don’t understand how you could possibly be trapped and not express yourselves to them. Little do they know that expresses oneself to them is as horrible as dropping a 50 tonRead MoreDinosaurs Are Awesome526 Words   |  2 Pages If I had a time machine, I would want to go to a very famous time 67 million years ago. Although no humans were living during that time, I still want to see how different earth was during that time so I could confirm and add to the overall knowledge about the dinosaurs. The Cretaceous time period was the last time period in which dinosaurs are seen. This time period spanned from 144 million years ago (mya) to 66 mya; right after the Jurassic time period and before the Tertiary. This is a timeRead MorePrincipal Of School Is An Awesome Leader982 Words   |  4 Pagesresponsibility is to make sure the school is running good and everybody is doing their job, and the students are learning. Based on my interview sheet question I interview the principal at Tenth and Penn elementary school, the principal of that school is an awesome leader. A principal has a huge responsibility day by day. Being responsible for 565 students and 45 faculty and staff every day is a hard work. They are a different type of principal like elementary, middle and high school that start working as aRead MoreMy Awesome Story1201 Words   |  5 Pages Check...mate a grin loosed from the young boy’s face as he dramatically moved his queen into position, completing his well-planned chess game. He sat back smiling and stroking his chin. He chuckled. A little conceited are we? cracked a young brunette sitting in the seat in front of him, as she cleared the board. â€Å"Issachar!† She gasped, â€Å"Today is the first day of the festival of Gifts, I almost forgot! We’ll be late!† With that they both scurried off to their rooms and beganRead MoreAwesome, Such a Wonderful Word Essay619 Words   |  3 PagesAwesome - Such a Wonderful Word There are multitudes of words in the English language. Some of these words are precisely defined, some have multiple meanings, and some are token words used to emphasize or elaborate ideas. For example, the number of definitions for the token word awesome is limited only to the imagination of the user. One Sunday afternoon I sat watching a basketball game. The Chicago Bulls were playing the L.A. Lakers. Michael Jordan, a star player for the Bulls,Read MoreThe Awesome Power of Dentistry on Health636 Words   |  3 Pagesdentistry expanding by the day. Having had such incredible support, I want to return the favor by progressing to the next stage in my career: becoming a licensed dentist in America. Much has changed in the many years since I first witnessed the awesome power of dentistry to heal my sick uncle. I was initially drawn to the profession by the complexity and powers of its clinical and aesthetic aspects, but my experience has shown me that it comprises much more. Over the years I have played the rolesRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Awesome Nonprofit Organization1575 Words   |  7 PagesINTRODUCTION Awesome Nonprofit Organization was established in order to support orphans and other vulnerable children in West Africa. Its mission statement is â€Å"to advance education for children, young people and the wider community, contributing towards the alleviation of poverty by providing quality learning environments. We, at ANO, consider education and training should be available and accessible for all regardless of gender, age or financial status. ANO provides provisions that develop skillsRead MoreThe Awesome World of Entrepreneurship Essay1218 Words   |  5 PagesThe history of entrepreneurship has been existing in the United States for decades. During the 1607 during the 19th century, the first Virginia Company sent three ships across the Atlantic and unloaded 109 passengers in Jamestown, Virginia (Gordon 1). They were embarked on a new business enterprise that they hoped would be profitable (Gordon 1). Their business was known as a joint-stock company that allowed people to inv est in enterprises without running into the risk of losing everything if thereRead MoreWhy Tokyo Disneyland Was An Awesome Achievement1601 Words   |  7 Pagesthey utilized as a part of the United States, it was a risk that they took and shockingly was effective. On the other hand, believing that the same execution arrangement could work in different nations is not an awesome move to make. The main motivation behind why Tokyo Disneyland was an awesome achievement is on account of Japan is a nation that is exceptionally shut refined and hard regarding the matter of result and desire they could call their own kin. That is the reason when Disney acquainted TokyoRead MoreMovie Review : Awesome Asian Bad Guys1721 Words   |  7 Pagesonly have less than three-minute show time in the movie? Awesome Asian Bad Guys is the first feature-length movie released in 2014 by National Honor Society perhaps has the answer. This film pays tribute to all of the Asian American actors and actress who have roles as bad characters in classic movie during 80s and 90s. It also examines the lack of representation for Asian American in media well as combating stereotypes. This film â€Å"Awesome Asian Bad Guy† is originated from a 2 minute YouTube video